Monday, August 18, 2008

Window 'Mistreatments'

So, I got this AWESOMELY awesome idea from my favorite decorating blog The Nesting Place. This woman is THE Queen of 'budget' decorating. I mean her house is beautiful, but when you lift the fabric, you find it's an old re-purposed dining room table. AMAZING. I NEVER would have known and now I'm on the hunt for an old, small, round dining room table LOL.

Anyway, so she has started this trend called Window Mistreatments. You take fabric and hang it with clips and make it into a curtain, really, it's genius and it doesn't cost and arm and a leg for beautiful curtains....

So, I 'mistreated' my windows last night with my hubby. I only took one picture so far because one of the windows we did is blocked by some ugly totes and the bedroom windows need one more panel (we ran out of fabric) and a different rod. DH tried to 'substitute' and it was a FAIL.

So here's the kitchen window! One of them, the other still needs to be done, the window over the sink needs to be done and the door to the back needs to be done, but we need more rods LOL....I have to be able to open and close them to help keep the heat OUT..

So what do you think?!